cosmic eggs
black and blue

Char Hoyt grew up in BC's beautiful Fraser Valley. Immersing herself in the arts at an early age, she used drawing both as an outlet and a tool to understand her environment. Since graduating from Emily Carr in 1997 not much has changed. She went on to explore a number of different creative endeavors, becoming an active member of the Vancouver underground art scene. As of 2007, Hoyt's work began to evolve into highly developed, large scale oil paintings that explore some of the deepest mysteries of modern physics.

By revealing nature invisible to the naked eye and layering space and time, Hoyt creates new hybrid worlds where all levels of dimension co-exist - unified realms highlighting the complexity and interconnectedness of life on all scales. Her work balances on the edge of chaos and control, reflecting both the cyclical and transformative nature of our Universe.

Char is currently working on a new series of paintings in her Vancouver studio.

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